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In contributing to the fight against unemployment in the country, Chief Gemade has empowered a good number of youths in this Constituency through skill acquisition etc.  He also has a number of companies and domestic staff strength of over 100 persons who gulp at least a million monthly in wages and salaries.

One need not mention other humanitarian gestures by Chief Gemade, which include donations to groups and organizations, settlement of  hospital bills of the under privileged, funeral as well as travel expenses of deserving individual and families.


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1 Terfa Kuegh  Gboko Children's fees
2 Nguemo Sorkaa Ushongo  Fed Poly, Ile-Ife
3 Nancy T. Akpen  K/Ala  Children's fees 
4 Iember Dagih  K/sha  Uni Agric, Mkd 
5 Philip T. Udende K/sha  Reg NECO/WAEC 
6 Atoo Waya  K/sha  COE, K/Ala 
7 Mbalamen Iorkighir  K/sha  Reg NECO/WAEC 
8 Teryima Mhembe  Ukum  FIDEI Poly 
9 Dorcas O. Nege  K/sha  Children's fees 
10 Daniel Igyundu  K/Ala  Nig Law School 
11 Isaiah M. Gande  V/Kya  FCOE, Obudu 
12 Peter M. Tyonum  Kwande  Uni Agric, Mkd 
13 Daniel Fishin  V/Kya  COE, K/Ala 
14 Susan Karshima  Logo  Benue State Uni 
15 Beneita Mbaaiiga  V/Kya  Reg NECO 
16 Emma Kakwagh  K/sha  Nig Law Sch 
17 John Tyoapine    Nig Law Sch 
18 Emmanuel Velegh  Ushongo Nig Law Sch 
19 Mrs Akor Kpogho  K/sha  Children's fees 
20 Ahua Kunavlumun  Ukum  BSU 
21 John A. Orndiir  K/sha  UniMaid 
22 Yimase Taave    RTS, Mkar 
23 Emmanuel A. Abu    BSU 
24 Zaki Asen  Gboko  ICT training 
25 Isaac Anum  K/sha  ABU, Zaria 
26 Liz Terfa Ajom  K/sha  Uni Abuja 
27 Denen Ikyegh  Kwande  COE, K/Ala 
28 T.F. Akurainya  K/Ala  Univ. of Calabar 
29 Juliet Azaigba  K/Ala  Reg. NECO/WAEC 
30 Terungwa Dagba  Ukum  Reg. NECO/WAEC 
31 J.T. Atorough  V/Ikya  RBC, Harga 
32 David D. Uba  K/sha  UniAgric, Mkd 
33 Celestine Kuleve  Ushongo  UniCal 
34 Beatrice Adwem  V/kya  Nas. State Uni 
35 Joseph Bashi  V/kya  Benue State Uni 
36 Rev G.N. Ulaa  V/kya  Uni of Mkar 
37 Josephine Akase  V/kya  Ben Poly 
38 Lucy M. Aor  Kwande  Benue State Univ 
39 Thomas T. Chafa V/kya  Uni Agric Mkd 
40 Teryila Kosu K/sha  Uni Agric Mkd 
41 Lucy G. Ayah V/kya  Son's sch fees 
42 Emma A. Soso K/sha  Durban Poly 
43 Iorwashima Uchin V/kya Nas State Univ 
44 J. Ayem Magudu Ukum UniAgric, Mkd 
45 Terna Oryar V/kya  Benue State Univ 
46 Donald A. Iortyom V/kya  Benue State Univ 
47 Justice T. Anyor Kwande  Benue State Univ 
48 Michael Ishenge K/sha  UniAgric, MKD 
49 Jiir Agbanyi K/sha  COE, K/Ala